Footwear Care:

We are all unique. No two body shapes and sizes are identical, the same goes for our feet. This is why selecting the correct size shoe for you is so important. This will minimise blisters and other complaints caused by ill–fitting shoes. We recommend after purchasing your shoes you wear at home on carpet to double check the fit is right for you. If you notice a fitting issue after purchase, please consult our returns policy.

Cara works with natural leather and suede therefore you may notice subtle variations in colour or texture; these are not faults, but part of the quality of the skin.

Leather is not a waterproof material so we recommend you treat your leather with a waterproofing product before wearing outside in the elements. We recommend Collinil Carbon Pro waterproof protector spray for all round footwear care, and Collinil Waterstop, specifically for smooth leathers.

Maximize the lifespan of your Cara footwear by avoiding wear in wet conditions. If they do get wet, ensure they are thoroughly dry before wearing them again, your feet and shoes will thank you for it. Wet shoes should be left to dry naturally, never by artificial heat.

Using a shoe–horn and shoe–tree will prevent damage to the back of your footwear and maintain the shape of your footwear when you aren’t wearing them (stuffing with tissue or newspaper will also do the trick). Wearing the same pair of shoes every day will increase your chances of damage and wear, so alternate between two or more pairs.

Regular maintenance and treatment of your leather will increase its lifespan and keep it looking healthy, it is a natural skin after all! Without care even the best quality leather will break down and crack. Different leathers require different products for smooth leathers we recommend Collinil Leather Gel and for waxed leathers, we recommend Rustical, these are applied using a clean cloth, and brushed if necessary using a Collinil natural bristle brush. Revive your leather vibrancy and keep it looking supple and gorgeous by using Collinil Pastel Shoe Cream, or a recommend clear or coloured wax or polish by your cobbler.

If your leather gets dirty, wipe visible residue away with a clean damp cloth. Spot clean with Collinil Soft Gum for light staining. We recommend Collinol Organic Bamboo Lotion for more stubborn stains and marks, always read instructions carefully before applying any product to your shoes, and test in an inconspicuous area before treating the whole upper area.

Suede and nubuck must be protected with a waterproofing spray before wear. We recommend Collinil Carbon Pro waterproof protector spray. We also recommend Collinol Nubuk+Velors, as this can be used to protect and also clean and revitalise the nap of the skin. Remember to protect on a regular basis, every few weeks or so, depending how frequent you wear them. Extra care should be taken when cleaning suede and nubuck uppers. A suede brush like Collinil Combi Brush will help revive the fine nap of the skin, and can help remove some light soiling. For stubborn stains on suede or nubuck, use a suede block, we recommend Collinil Nubuk Box. Your local cobbler can offer further advice on stubborn stains.

Please note — colour fastness cannot be guaranteed on suede, nubuck or unlined leathers so do not wear with pale trousers or socks. Leather soles are a natural skin. They provide a beautiful finish but may be slippery until they are well worn in, do take extra care when walking, especially on stairs. Due to its porous nature a leather sole will let in moisture. For this reason, they are not suitable for wear in wet conditions. Leather covered heels should also not be exposed to wet conditions as this will cause damage and may cause peeling. After a period of time leather soles will wear, even under normal conditions, making it necessary to have the sole replaced. Please note — it is unlikely that returns will be accepted following shoe repair, this would not affect your statutory rights.

Clean marks off fabric, canvas or denim shoes by delicately spot washing with tepid water and a soft old toothbrush. Use with a non solvent cleaner for more stubborn soiling. We recommend Collinil Organic Bamboo Lotion. Cleaning products are not recommended for ponyskin, cowhide and satin (or other very delicate fabrics) so opt for a protective spray before wearing.

*Instructions for use available on the packaging of all Collinil Products.
Most of these products are available to buy in store or online. Speak to a member of staff about our recommended shoe care product range.

Clothing Care:

Always refer to the label for specific instructions of how to wash and dry your garments.

Any woven fabric is likely to bobble after some wear; friction against another fabric or object (like your handbag or office chair) and washing/drying the garment at the incorrect temperature are the most common reasons why bobbling occurs. Special care when washing and drying your item of clothing in the early stages is key for longevity. Once the first loose fibres of the yarn have been washed out and you follow the washing instructions carefully, your clothing is unlikely to bobble.

The two biggest factors contributing to shrinkage are too much heat and agitation. Some items require a cool, gentle wash. If in doubt, stick to to the lowest temperature on your washing machine and select a delicate or hand wash setting. Air drying clothing is the most gentle method and also helps prevent shrinkage. Loosely woven fabrics should be dried on a flat surface to prevent stretching.

Sunlight can be destructive to the colour of your garment. Reduce the exposure to direct sunlight wherever possible. You may also experience colour loss if washing instructions have not been followed correctly.